12164529_655359024606130_1266508117_oProviding people with disabilities driving and vehicular transportation independence since 1994

• Representing only the top quality brands in Israel
The quality of accessories affects the quality of the ride and driving experience.
ATM refuses to compromise on quality and recommends that you should be equally as uncompromising!

• Reliability that breeds confidence
100% of company products are provided to the customer with emergency activation feature with no technician intervention, increasing your independence in the vehicle.

• Uncompromising professionalism
We operate in compliance with ISO 9001-2001, and are under the supervision of the Technion and Ministry of Transportation. The products we install comply with the strictest standards.

• The Company is the main and leading supplier for the disabled of the Ministry of Defense and National Insurance Institute.

• We treat the disabled as equals.

• The Company spearheads the best interest of its customers, overseeing and consulting in all areas of mobility and red tape required for the vehicle process.

• Making sure that nothing endangers the exercising of your rights

Our agents will accompany you throughout the process until your rights and will make sure that no disruptions will take place so that you will receive the perfect accessories for your needs.

• Service that only a large company can provide
We have four manufacturing and assembly plants – in Holon, Nesher, Beer Sheba and Jerusalem, including a service department and a fleet of vehicles across the nation for emergencies – 24/7

ATM is Israel's largest information base on mobility and vehicles for the disabled community. We invite you to contact us for a personal consultation that is customized to meet your needs:
[link to contact page]

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